Important beauty tricks for every women

Hello beautiful ladies let’s see what’s new in makeup tricks, and what we should do and what we shouldn’t.

It said; red lipstick is not fitting most of the women.

Indeed… This talk is baseless! Red lipstick can suit all women, but if only it matched right with the color of the woman’s skin.

It said if you want to get full lips you must put a thick line of lip-liner.

In fact this trick looks really good in pictures but in reality your lips will look strange and artificial. All you need is to apply a touch of light glossy eye-shadow or a little face powder on the brackets of the upper lip and a touch of lip gloss shining in the center of the lower lip and leave the rest to the light.

It said… The trend of light blue eye-shadow had vanished by the time.

Indeed… The modern make-up fashion says that blue, turquoise and cyan are the most popular colors of the eye-shadow now. A touch of light blue eyes with a little beige enough to get a daily make-up, but if you love to apply a blue shadow over the entire eyelid just draw a black line with your eyeliner to get a great result.

Is said… You do not have to remove make-up before going to sleep.

Indeed… our skin regenerate and moisturize itself and become refreshing and bright during the sleep period, but if you left your makeup as it is the pores will close, causing infections and the emergence of the black heads and the grains will not be a good result, I think!

It said… Eyebrows should be darker than the hair a couple of degrees.

Indeed… Follow this advice if only the color of your hair is very blonde, but the naturally blonde woman shouldn’t pick dark-colored eyebrows at all because her face would look strange and unfamiliar.

Hope you enjoy the tips. Stay beautiful as you are.