Jailat Atef glow summer wear


Renewed innovations or varieties? Once we see the new collection of the creative designer Gailan Atef; it comes to our mind this question, which is varying between different answers; Gailan Atef has found new designing ideas and new different prints that she has been created to moves away from the usual styles that we see so often in fashion designing.

Here are some details about the new spring and summer collection for Jailan Atef about this season; away from the traditional prints; a new features has been emerged in this collection for the summer season about some animals prints presented in soft tunics, in more than one design. Animal prints are always on trend and do not ever go out of fashion, animal prints always given elegance and chicness by the one who wear it. Woman can add some golden accessories when wearing Tigers prints, because it’s gives beauty and elegance to the design. We see also beautiful summery colors like coral, blue, pink, black and white.

Elegant styles emerged in this collection that matched with the white color as well with coral, blue and of cours black. The white color gives a comfortable and optimistic feeling to the one who wear it. As well we see the use of the geometric shapes that varied between lines and triangles, the designer also make use of the drawing prints that inspired by the Fine Arts.

 Jailat Atef fashion clothing presenting tasteful styles combine between the current up to date fashion and the modest traditions. Enjoy the collection.

Glow store address

Sheraton Heliopolis Buildings, 2nd Area building no.4 -Egypt

Tel: 01223418020


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