Jewelry designs by Ayah Shaffik


Ayah Shaffik the creative jewelry designer is presenting a unique and sophisticated collection for the celebration of the mother day.

The collection came in silver metal combined with gem stones and some other silver with colorful beads. You can choose from this lovely collection whatever you want to gift your mother a very chic and unique gift for her special day.

The collection is varying in styles and in designs such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and medals too.

Designer Ayah shaffik cared about designs from her early age, she studied economics as a major but she could not dispense her love for creating designs. She believed that design is a daily behavior of mankind; it’s about making even the small decisions like choosing what to wear for today, or what to cook for a family gathering, or choosing a color for the living room’s wall. Simply; the design is an act of daily selections. You can’t live without!

Ayah shaffik believed that design process starts with an idea then you put it on a sketch and being evaluated from basic lines into a fully detailed portrait.

The execution of Ayah shaffik designs comes by using the finest sterling silver and stones, she have experienced lots of working materials and metals, though her favorite is sterling silver. She is conservative about fine details and clean finishing, she kept moving from a stage to another, started with plastic beads, now settled with silver, and looking forward to using Diamonds. Her favorite items are rings and earrings and she always inspired by architecture, the floral themes, and nature.


I hope you enjoy the collection

If you want to ask about anything call 010 66 89 56 08 3 and visit Ayah Shaffik page on facebook

 Ayah Shaffik jewelry

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