Keeping Stylish at the Gym


You don’t have to sacrifice your sexiness for sweatiness when you hit the gym. While you may have a workout full of squats, lunges, and intense cardio, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while working out.

Sweat it out in style

Don’t downplay your style when you visit the gym. Instead of pairing an old t-shirt with your high school gym shorts, consider a look that really turns heads. Need some gym inspiration for your fitness wear? Read on for five great outfit ideas.

1. Yoga Pants are IN!

Yoga pants, leggings, compression gear, or whatever you refer to wear them as are always a hot option for the gym. When your bottoms of choice are tailored for fitness, you’ll find that they shape your legs perfectly and make your figure stand out in the best way. Have problem areas you’d rather hide? Try high waisted leggings for the best body-shaping gear.

Additionally, fitted bottoms like yoga pants or leggings are practical for the gym. While you are getting your cardio on with cycling or stair-climbing, you’ll be able to ensure that the hem of your pants doesn’t get caught on the machine.

2. Look Stylish with a Matching Headband and Bag

While you may think wearing a headband to the gym may be too 80’s, it’s a very practical accessory for working out. Headbands keep sweat and hair out of your face, while simultaneously adding a touch of style to your look. A great way to show off your sense of style is by color coordinating your headbands with your gym bag–this will make you look well put together and more attractive.

3. Consider the Long Shirt

While midriff-baring crop tops are a sexy addition to any gym outfit, longer shirts are definitely trending right now. Wearing a flowing and longer shirt will work to hide any problem areas like love handles, stretch marks, or anything else you may want to hide while working out.

Longer shirts will also help prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. Instead of risking a mishap by wearing your sports bra to your HIIT workout, wearing a longer shirt will make sure you are adequately covered on both ends.

4. Try Popular Fitness Brands

Nike or Adidas are fan favorites for a reason. As you search for the best looking gym wear, give Nike or Adidas a try. You’ll find that they have some of the most fashion-forward fitness clothes that will make you look hot both in and out of the gym.

5. Wear Statement Shoes

Gym outfits are relatively simple, so make the right choice where it counts. By wearing your favorite sneakers, you’ll be wearing the most appropriate gym-ready shoes while looking like fitness pro. In addition to looking good, the right shoe will protect your feet and prevent any injuries. Proper sneakers will provide your feet with sufficient support and coverage as you navigate your way through the gym.

Take full advantage of your time at the gym by looking attractive as you work on your fitness. Use these five fashion tips to help you look your best while you build a better body. Remember, when you look good, you’ll feel good about yourself, making your time at the gym even more effective.


AUTHOR’S BIO: Dominic LoBianco is a contributing writer for OrangeTheory Fitness. Dominic creates multimedia content for a wide array of topics.