Latest Abaya designs for 2018

Modern Abaya style gives women a classy elegant look, many people used to see you dressed in your typical casual wear but by dressing the modern open Abaya for this season trend, will reveals the other side of your persona in a new different lady.

Wearing the open cardigan Abaya is very appropriate in the blessed month of Ramadan, but tries to pick Abaya in simple lace details and in neutral tones. In addition some Abaya needs some jewelry to accompaniment with your Arabic look; you can select a statement necklace or Kirdan that carrying Quran verses.

The stylish Abaya came in varied designs between black abayas, neutral abayas, Abaya kaftans and cardigan Abaya. The fashion designers used the high crape fabric and they mainly used the Italian fabrics embossed. Other Abayas detailed with luxurious lace, and elaborate embroideries as well. Some Abayas reminded us with the sixties fashion; because they are really chic and classy.

This season a new trend has been revealed which is wearing a tube dress underneath your Abaya just like Kim Kardashian style, which is famous for wearing long trench coat with pencil skirt and tight top. Women also like to wear their Abayas with their favorite jeans with long blouse and they complete their look with lace up sandals.  Enjoy the Abaya collection.

tube dress with camel coat

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