Latest outerwear for women


Styles come with varieties; do you want to know about the latest fashion for women outwear? If so then you must read this article to know more.

The hooded Cape-style coat is considered the most versatile winter item in women wardrobe as it ensures comfort and warmth. The cape style coat comes in different styles and designs such as the Bat Cape Coat, the double breasted cape coat, the Pendleton wool knit caps, the blanket capes, and the wrap ponchos.

The wool cape vintage style is the latest street style fashion; women can wear it with thigh high boots and a small shoulder bag. It looks very elegant and classy; just forget the statement this year it is all about capes.

Another fashionable outerwear is the trench coat; the chic trench coats will protect you from the chilly winter nights when you finish your work day and going home. The shapes of the trench coats are very versatile, as they go well with each outfit.

The Burberry mid-length wool cashmere trench coat with a tartan scarf accent makes a classic piece to owns, try a trench coat with a skinny jeans, you will feel more special.

Trenched coats suit all ages; choose a skirt length to suit your legs but keep it slim and simple wear with it a thigh high boots for a trendy style. You can always wear a lightweight trench coat as a dress if you pair it with black, opaque tights/leggings and a nice pair of black boots.

And for the stylish winter cardigans; make sure you’re wearing them to be the most flattering to your outfit and your figure, the colorful prints is a happiness inducing wonder that will leave a dazzling smile on your face all day long!

A shawl cardigan and blue ripped skinny jeans will create a chic, glamorous look.Complement this polished look with dark brown leather knee high boots. At the end I hope you enjoy the styles of the latest outerwear for the latest women street styles.