Leopard printed outfits


Over the centuries people use leather and furs from different animals. Leopard prints created for fashionable women as a symbol of elegance and richness, taken as a means to show the wild bold side and giving it a special attractiveness.

Wild prints make women full of life in a new way out of the ordinary.

The Leopard prints emerged in various sizes and shapes in this season, as it did not stick to a single color. Designers let their imaginations being free to create several patterns of these tropical prints. Do not wear your whole outfit in a leopard prints so you will not seem so exaggerated.

If you would like to wear the leopard print in an elegant style avoid those short cuts and those that reveal a lot of the chest area at the same time.

Red accessories highlighted the beauty of the leopard prints and give a beautiful charming touch.

Combining leopard prints with black color gives your appearance more elegance and chicness. Black with leopard prints make woman look and feel self-confident and more practical. If you wear a dress ornamented with the leopard prints wear a cardigan with one matching colors with the dress.

Since the leopard print is an eye-catching make sure to wear it at the evening events and the appropriate places. You can hold a tote handbag with the leopard prints only when you wear clothing without any prints and you can put your spangle waist belt holds the wild print itself.  Enjoy the collection.


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yellow knit cardigan

animal print fur coat


casual leopard skirt 27 s

leopard prints 1 s leopard prints 2 s leopard prints 3 s leopard prints 4 s

leopard prints 5 ss leopard prints 6 s leopard prints 7 s leopard prints 8 s leopard prints 9 a leopard prints 10 s leopard prints 11 s leopard prints 12 s leopard prints 13 g