Light casual hijab for summer

Summer comes with a feeling of relaxation. It is also an opportunity to come out and shine, just like the sun. If your school days are over and the question “is my homework done?” is no longer the main issue for you, your summer wardrobe is also experiencing changes. Because you should look at least a bit professional at work in summer and it’s obvious you don’t want to melt alive in the suit at summer heat.

While each person has the desired outfit for summer, there are trendy casual wears that are also smart when coming out into the sun. Here are excellent smart-casual ideas to try this summer.

Short-Sleeved Shirt/Blouse      

A short-sleeved shirt or blouse sounds almost obvious but it is the color choice and combination that will make the difference. Contract the bottom with the top and make it as playful as possible. Flowers are perfect to bring out the summer feel. It allows you to get to work and later walk straight to the beach without feeling the burden of clothing.

Sundress or light dress

summer and the sun are synonymous. A sundress, therefore, would be a perfect outfit for the season. Luckily, it is desired exclusively for the summer. It shows your shoulders and arms to enjoy the heat in summer. Flying with the wind, helping you to enjoy moments on the beach or outdoors, they can also be conservative enough to look good in the office.

Sundresses are also so colorful to lighten your mood. They help you to create the most beautiful summer album. Sundresses come in multiple patterns, helping you to fit your work demands or enjoy a walk around the park without feeling out of place. Just add a pop of color (and blazer) to be the brightest in the office!

Broken Suit

No one does something that wrong to waste a summer inside a suit. However, there are times when duty calls. The broken suit will come to your rescue. Tough it is a suit; the top and bottom come in different colors. If the top is dark, the trouser or skirt is usually brighter. The design helps you to maintain an official appearance without missing out on the easiness of summer. But different shades of lights color are even better option for sunny weather.

A broken suit leaves you at liberty to play around with the shirt and tie. You also have more choices on the shirt or blouse. It allows you to attend official functions during summer without appearing overdressed or out of synch with the season. This style looks very mafia-like.

The shoe also counts when planning for your smart-casual appearance. Choose something light, colorful, and playful. It should match the color and design of your clothes to complete the casual smart feel.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Bronwyn Leigh.