Light casual wear for woman

With the ending of summer season and the beginning of the winter season we all begin to organize our wardrobe and prepare it for winter so we keep away the summer wear and do not consider in our mind that it is possible to use some of the summer clothing items again with winter clothes; but all we have to do is making some changes on them.

 T-Shirts are essential piece in summer season, but it is also possible to wear it in winter, we can wear t-shirt under a blazer or leather jacket and also a denim Jeans jacket. And it will appear so casual and suitable for hangouts in morning and also for college.

Vests are also a winter item, but in the recent years they become a fashion item in summer, woman can wear it over a shirt or blouse. But in winter we can wear it underneath a wool sweater or mohair soft pullover and also we can wear it under a suit so that will give us the appearance of the full costume.

For the lace or cotton blouse they are very distinctive because they are always having a unique design such as a bow on the neck or some ruffles on the chest. Those blouses can be worn in winter with a blazer or a classic tweed jacket; they will be very suitable for work or Hangouts times in the afternoon.

For the short dresses with different fabrics they can worn under a jacket or wool long coat, it will given a very chic and classic appearance and it is possible to add a belt under the jacket to increase the elegance.

If you give some creative ideas to your summer and winter items in your wardrobe it will give you a new spirit and will create a brilliant and warm winter season and that’s will increase the elegance in your style.

Enjoy the collection.

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