Long open cardigans hijab style

The modern hijabi women are having a good experience daily on how to wear and how to mix and match clothing items together in amazing ways. Nothing is impossible when the hijabi woman is wishing to wear certain item; she knows well how to adapt to go well with her hijab wear.

When it comes on how to wear abaya there are different styling ideas you could consider creating new chic style every day.  Open cardigans and open abayas are becoming a popular trend this season and the previous season as well. Add on them also the open dress with jeans; they are all many kinds of styling the long outfit in different cool ways.

The long open cardigan in neutral tones matched with white jeans are on trend this season; the wonderful thing about the long open cardigans that they suite the veiled women in all ways.

But we have to say that this trend is not only creating for the veiled women but it’s a worldwide fashion trend. Most ladies adore it; it gives comfortable and modest style as well.  Some women love to add belts around their waist for a chic and elegant look.

The long open cardigans and open abayas give a classy casual look at the same time, they are lovely pieces and they are the best way out to face the hot weather. Enjoy the lovely open cardigans and pick some ideas.