Make-up tricks to make you look like a showstopper

Yes, anniversaries are all about reminiscing the dear sweet memories of the biggest day of life. The outcome of the journey you have been since then with your partner could be narrated on a single day. Family, friends and a lot more guests come together to celebrate this special occasion with you. No doubt, you have to be the star of the event.

Picking up the outfit, taking out time for makeup and preparing for the celebration doesn’t come easy to everyone but you are handling everything like a true diva. Amidst every little detail that will be under the spotlight, one will be your makeup that will mark the highlight of your complete outlook of the day. A little more will make your face look like a cake of foundation and a little less will snatch the beauty factor from your dress. It has to be perfect! Here are a few tricks that could help you to get that radiance you are hoping for:

  1. Clean The Skin

The first step towards flawless makeup is to start with a clean canvas! Follow a two-step cleaning process before starting with the makeup. First, apply a make-up and dirt remover on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face to get rid of excess sebum and dirt from your face and then wash thoroughly with your regular face wash for a squeaky clean skin.

  • Perfect The Primer

If you wish that your makeup lasts till the end of the party the same as it was at the beginning, invest in a good primer and apply it evenly on the face before picking up anything else. A good primer locks the moisture of the skin and provides a sturdy base to hold your makeup for hours.

  • But First, The Blush

Decorate your cheekbones with the blush first and then pick up any foundation or concealer, It will lend a subtle tint to the makeup and make your skin look aglow under lights. A pink blush might look too strong when put at last but underneath the foundation, it will make your skin laden with natural pink shade. Get ready to bag appreciation from the ladies out there. You will surely be questioned about skin secrets.

  • Find Your Perfect Foundation

A long-lasting, lightweight foundation could be one of the best gifts you could give to yourself when it comes to putting on make-up. The one which perfectly matches your skin shade is like a holy grail which commands time to be found. Make sure, whatever you do on your face; you repeat that on the neck too. The foundation should be evenly applied on cheeks, chin, forehead and neck for a neat coverage.

  • Hold The Brush

Make-up brushes are what make the magic happen! No matter if you have the expensive concealer, custom foundation or premium eye-palette, if you don’t have the right brush for the process, it will go in vain. A beautiful set of make-up brushes is one of the most substantial gifts you could present yourself with. If you didn’t find one in the local store, order them online through a portal which offers online gift delivery in Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities and treat yourself to a fancy set of brush any day.

  • The Compact Pact

Do you fear about makeup turning into a cake on the face before you had the chance to collect the wishes? If yes, then believe in the powers of a good compact. Pick one which is sync with the shade of your foundation and could absorb extra oil and sweat that might break under party lights and crowd. A compact can make your makeup look fresh like dew till you are on that dance floor.

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About the author;

This article was written by guest author Ankur Pandey.