Makeup and hair style trends for women

Makeup and hair style trends for fall and winter features in the calm beauty and practical look, and this is precisely what we’re looking for among the short time and the many tasks that we do all day long. A lot of women did not find enough time to take care of them-selves and at the same time they want to apply pretty simple makeup for the morning; so we will talk about this simple makeup and how we can achieve this simple fall look.

First prepare your face for a fast simple makeup in the morning by taking care of your face at night and before going to sleep; so your face will is ready in the morning.  This will give you a good result after placing light makeup, just clean your face well and

Use moisturizing cream that suits your skin type.  After applying moisturizer cream put the basic foundation, and make sure you apply it correctly on the dark places; such as the under eye area to hide dark circles.

Do not forget to put the mascara because it helps you to get rid of the exhausting appearance of the eyes, moreover it consider to be one of the beauty cosmetics that gives a natural appearance of the eyes.

And for the eye-shadow; apply pinky colors and avoid as much as possible the neutral colors such as gray and black because all we need is the shinny look, which may hide the tiredness and the fatigue in the morning.

  As for the blucher; just apply some pinky blush on the cheeks and forehead, as it helps to get rid of the pale skin tone. And for the Lip Gloss apply such Rosy colors on your lips to have some vividness.   I hope you enjoy the beauty fall makeup tips and enjoy here some of the perfect beauty cosmetics for the fall and winter season.

Women love to style their hair for m any outings, but there comes a time when they come to an end of choices and go back to the simple hairstyles for every look. All of you might know how exciting it feels when you try a new hairstyle as it adds an attraction to your outfits and the general look.

Go for hairy layers or a set of blunt fringe that’ll surely make you the coolest of the group. It is inimitable for its rounded styling, smallest layering to which a classic sense can be putted in with a deep side part. Enjoy the hair style and makeup looks.