Maram snosy Egyptian hijab designs

Egyptian designers are really rocking the fashion industry! Every day they prove their high fashionable taste and their creative designs. Egyptian fashion is situated from long time ago and it has its own sprit and its own character.

Mara snowy is a young creative Egyptian fashion designer, that she’s being able to demonstrate her love for creating modest fashion to serve the need of the veiled women. What is really distinguished about Maram snowy fashion designs is the high sensible taste of creating the modest clothes. As we all know that modest is the key of elegance! As long as you being simple and knowing how to pick the right item for your body shape and your skin tone, you will be on the right track.

In this collection by Maram snowy we can see a lot of nice hijabi items that every modern and chic woman should own in her wardrobe. We can see the palazzo pants in different looks; in plaid prints in two different colors. The veiled woman could wear it with simple white blouse and a nice neutral hijab scarf.  As we can see from this collection the long maxi coat in grey color, the coat is both sleeveless and with sleeves to suit the different outfits.

Maram snosy is created also the maxi winter dress in such cute designs to let the veiled woman choose what can suit her taste more. Enjoy the outfits and visit Maram snosy facebook page for any details.