Maxi dresses and summer Abaya

Prude and style girls store; present a new maxi dresses and summer Abaya’s collection for the stylish veiled woman. The collection is colorful and elegant especially the stripped maxi dresses, they appeared so trendy with the colorful cardigans and the colorful scarves.

The new thing about Prude and style girl‘s store is the summer Abaya; it’s so chic and elegant, as well it’s produced from soft and light materials, that is suited the hot weather in Egypt.

As we know that Ramadan the holy month came in the hot summer season; so wearing a trendy Abaya will be so suitable when woman is going to pray the Taraweeh prayer. So Prude and style girl’s store is offering the most stylish and chic Abaya for the trendy veiled woman to spend Ramadan month in exquisite style.

The summer Abaya came in many colors and especially the neutral tones; just to go well with the most of your outfits.

Prude and style girls’ store is offering also the most trendy handbags by Michael kors; as we know that Michael Kors handbags brand is the most chic and stylish bags that is on trend this season, woman can wear it with her most outfits.

By Prude and style girl’s store; woman will have no end from these chic and stylish outfits, because from time to time the store renew their products and get new stuff to satisfy all woman’s tastes. Enjoy the summer maxi dresses and the summer Abaya’s collection.

Enjoy the collection by Prude and style girl store.

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