Maxi dresses summer 2018

Summer is the right time to try out new trends, daring cuts and styles rich in details. To add a feminine touch to your summer wardrobe; you can never go wrong with maxi dresses that offer a versatile array of choices for your preference. To build your own collection of skirts and dresses; floor length dresses can be suitable for a lot of occasions other than the beach or weddings.

Maxi dresses offer instant comfort and they come in all sorts of lightweight, breathable, soft and durable fabrics. You can weigh in the pros and cons of each fabric according to your liking and other criteria such as pricing, maintenance and durability.

Rayon/spandex jersey, knit, polyester ,100% cotton jersey knit or cotton/spandex knit are all there in all stores for you to hunt down . Patterned, floral, check plaid mania, striped nautical, polka dots or plain colored; these are the serious questions you have to face when it comes to maxi dresses.

There are also more innovative styles that play with patchwork, layering and other new cuts that are spotted in various runways this summer season. Amongst the must-have pieces; pattern-wise, floral of vibrant colors and tropical patterns are so in this year.

Over-sized dresses are also perfect for those who prefer to combine comfort and glamour. Maxi dresses are quite good on their own; still you can refreshed them and update your dresses through adding layers such as a light cardigan or a denim jacket which are amongst the win-win combos for your everyday clothes.

As for the right footwear for maxi dresses; you are free to add in any style you like , be in heels , flats or a sporty pair of sneakers and while you are in it grab your favorite style for bags.

About the writer

This article was written by guest author Reham selim