Maxi vests and cardigans hijab style

Modesty is the key of elegance! As long as you choose the right outfit for your body shape and your skin tone you will be on the right track. Long vests, cardigans, open dresses with belts are on fashion trend for this season, they came in numerous styles and designs.

The veiled woman love to wear them because they are very practical, comfortable and modest.

A lot of modern hijabi girls love the sporty casual style; they love to wear their favorite cardigan, a nice graphic tee, and jeans, of course this casual look can’t be complete without the Adidas super star sneakers.

Now we can see how this look can be achieved in no time, every veiled woman can dress smart, stylish and still covered. The smart casual style is on trend this season too and a lot of hijabi girls choose to wear this style; because it is relaxing, fashionable and modest.

Enjoy the hijabi outfit ideas and have great fall season weather you are a college girl, school girl or sporty girls. You will definitely find something that will inspire you in this collection.

blue-vest-with-tee-hijab-style long-green-open-dress-hijab modest-long-tunic-hijab-looks long-light-grey-cardigan-hijab-outfit white-classy-hijab-with-pump-heels long-grey-cardigan-with-hijab long-grey-vest-hijab-sporty-look rusty-vest-with-chemise-hijab long-floral-cardigan-with-white-outfit