Minimalist fashionable boots

Simplicity is the key of elegance! The new fashion trend direction refers to the simplicity or the minimalism. Fashion designers create new simple lines that represent the most fashionable tastes, not only simple at the main idea but the designs contain deep components that can satisfy all kind of tastes.

The chunky boots is a simple idea about what we are talking about; they are simple in design, chic in style, but they give the tallness that most of the women are looking for.  The chunky boots, the wedge style, the combat boots are representing the same main idea.

Some women love the simple sleek booties; their design looks like the male shoes style.  I really don’t know the reason behind why fashion designers are creating masculine shoes to present them to women’s. But it’s all kinds of tastes, and as it said “if the tastes are not varying, the goods will be useless”.

Lace up booties is my favorite kind of boots; they are feminine, practical, and can suit all our casual wear. Lace up boots with medium heel is the most likable shoe style for most of the fashion bloggers; they used to wear this kind of boots in most of their daily outfits.

Enjoy the boots collection.

chic-leather-jacket-with-black-boots fashion-girl-winter-boots grey-outfit-with-black-boots chunky-wedge-boots minimal-fashion-boots chunky-combat-black-boots

vogue-black-boots zara-boots-and-black-backpack long-black-bootsstyle-blogger-grey-outfit black-peep-toe-booties black-boot-tumblr black-ankle-boots black-ankle-booties chunky-grey-cardigan-withtall-high-heel-boots lace-up-black-high-heel-bootsblack-lace-up-booties minimal-fashion-trend