Mixing and matching combo outfits

Color combos for clothing and footwear trends change with new tones that are dominant at some seasons and others are not. Still, general guidelines remain for us to follow when determining which color combinations work best with our body types, skin tone, age, eye and hair color as well as personal preference and ways of how to express ourselves through clothing.

Just as when applying make-up with highlighting and contouring, same things apply to clothing, our body with suitable color tones.

Here are some general rules to note: – Brighter, lighter colors make you larger. – Dark colors make you look smaller, slimmer. – Navy blue, black and gray are formal and authoritative.

To look taller wear single color outfit; for fair skin tones, it’s best to avoid bright shades such as orange and yellow. – Medium and brown tones must avoid too dark or too light shades.

 In winter season it’s all about how to mix and match black, gray, neutrals and dark tones of blue and green. But how can we give life to these dark color themes with the vibrancy they lack to come up with outstanding outfits that’s what needs a bit of tweaking.

As enticing as it may seem to assemble outfits based on a monochromatic theme with the sophisticated looking all-black and all-neutral themes, creating a vibrant look needs a splash of color.

Throwing bold red, purple, maroon, and mustard yellow into your color combos would definitely create incredible ensembles. For an unexpected color combo camel and red pair’s perfectly creating an expensive looking outfit.

A camel coat can turn a simple sweater and jeans into a head-turning-statement look. Also, Gray goes well with red to have a pop of color to the usual dark winter hues.

Pair a cool-toned gray pants or a skirt with a red cashmere or turtleneck sweater, for a no-fail combination, when heading to the office. Army green is so in for this season, pair it with blue for a crisp look. An army green parka jacket and blue jeans is an easy outfit for this color combo.

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About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.