Mixing and matching hijabi outfits


Sporty in the morning! Or being smart and practical in the evening? How about looking chic and alluring when the sun goes down? Here we can catch up with the latest fashionable hijab looks that are trending this current season.

Oversized sweaters, cardigans, jackets are just rocking the street style; they are the main theme for the most popular fashion bloggers.

Boyfriend jeans, palazzo pants with belts, striped pants with tucked bottoms are also rocking this season.

Over-sizing everything is just very suitable trend with the hijabi veiled women; it’s a combination between fashion and modesty.

Mixing and matching with colors is something so demandable, when you open your wardrobe to pick an outfit, try to choose some color degrees that are so near from each other.

Neutral tones are on trend; pick your scarf from the calmest tone from your outfit. For example; if you pick a sweater contain beige, red and blue, and then wear a scarf in a beige color. That’s so simple and easy play with the neutral tones to always be on the safe side.

Sneakers, flats and slip on shoes are on trend and they are very suitable with the oversized outfits. Comfy and practical are those foot wear and they are matched with the tucked pants as well. Enjoy the hijabi mixing and matching looks.