Modern boho vibes

Bohemian or Boho phenomenon simply transcends the boundaries of fashion trends. It’s like taking a step away from traditional trends of clothing and embracing this free-spirited style. Inspired by the Bohemian culture and lifestyle, Boho clothing and accessories are a celebration of natural fabrics, retro patterns, a blend of neutrals and warm tones with 70s style and a tendency towards statement accessories.

Updated Boho fashion allows for self-expression with a wide variety of options that are full of flower motives, ethnic symbols and gorgeous crochet designs. To nail the modern Boho look in a flash, flowy and loose-fitting silhouettes are the key features to updated Boho style. And it doesn’t get any better with dresses that are quite relaxed and roomy in addition to feminine and figure flattering cuts.

A Bohemian off-the-shoulder free flowing chiffon dress in bold patterns is the perfect choice for a summer dress. Extend the look with vintage six-color earrings, a carving coin tassels necklace. An embroidered flared sleeves tasseled mini dress in off-white would pair perfectly with a pair of natural flat sandals or embroidered slide sandals.

Enjoy the figure flattering and flirty vibe of a dusty blue floral print two-piece maxi dress for a sunny summery morning. Comfortable tops including peasant tops, tunics, and prairie blouses are prominent pieces of modern Boho looks.

Boho cover-ups, such as kimonos and cardigans, are so versatile and functional making it so easy to glide in any wardrobe theme. Experiment with prints and embellishments. An outfit comprising of a Boho print kimono top layered over a top and white denim pants is a perfect go-to laid-back look. Match a floral loose maxi dress in white with a crochet bag and flat sandals.

Distinctive with embroidery, beading and silk accents, updated Boho vibes are not that hard to be incorporated perfectly into your wardrobe and. Beaded and embroidered jackets look cool over mini-skirts or little white dresses. To finish this cute outfit layer some gold chains and vegan leather sandals.

Going for Boho modern vibes are no mere go-to casual outfits, the prominent Boho modern looks are suitable for the office as well as evening outings. An embroidered structured blazer paired with loose flowing skirt or trousers fits the executive environment.

Build your own modern Boho collection for a style that has your name and sense of style on it. Keep on scrolling for more inspiration.

About the author;
This article was written by guest author Reham selim.