Modern eye makeup trends

We choose for you today the violet color degrees tutorials which suited so much the light skin tone; you can choose many degrees as you like. If you are willing to attend a party or an event, you can blend the purple color with dark eyeliner to outline your eyes. But in morning it’s preferred to use light purple  color degrees to give you a glowing and shinny appear.

The color of your lips determines on the type of makeup you use, next to the eye shadow you use. The color of your lips gives a special impression about you. .

Look for makeup that matches your character and get the celebrity makeup with step by step tutorials. As well for eye makeup, you may totally wish to use mascara, which is used to highlight your eyelashes. Some bold red colors degrees appeared this season and they are suitable for small lips and light skin tone.

Before putting your lip makeup, you can outline your lips with lip-liner such as beige or pink, so the lip stick will not come out from borders. Put your lip stick inside out vertically to give your lips a distinctive look.

Red lipstick is more suitable for all skin colors, but it’s more wonderful with dark skins ladies. Enjoy the purple makeup collection.

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