Modest and stylish summer street looks



Europe is the main place for reveling fashion; all the new trends come from Europe. Fashion designers are doing their best to send us all the newest styles and looks.  If you are a fashion addict and wants to know what’s going on in the whole fashion world; just search for European fashion designer, fashion stylists and of course the amazing fashion bloggers.

In this collection I just collected all the new fashion trends for this season and presented in this amazing collection.

This season there are new and chic fashion trendy ideas that are so noticeable on the street styles such as; the neutral long vests. Sleeveless trench coats or the long vests are gaining a big popularity among ladies; these items are very practical, comfy and can be with you from day to night but with some styling ideas. The main colors are tan, gray; black and white those colors are all you need to refresh your summer wardrobe.

Maxi skirts are still number one summer items; they appeared in all prints and in all fabrics as well; such as floral, tribal, Aztecs, and neutrals.  But the neutral tones are the main focused, Blush pink, nudes and whites are the main trendy colors for this season.

Waterfall cardigans are on trend as well; they are light weights and very comfy. Women can wear them with simple tee and jeans.

Lace outfits are still on trend for this season; lace is considered to be a chic and classy item, lace cardigans are very feminine and elegant, they are a must have item for your wardrobe as well.

I hope you enjoy the collection and now you are know what’s going on in the fashion world.


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