Modest Summer Fashion Trends You Need to Follow

With sunny days upon us, we all need some tips on staying cool and covered. While it’s pretty easy to stay covered and wear modest outfits in winters, but in summers, this can be a real struggle for most modest fashion followers. There’s a general misconception that modest outfits are going to make you feel hot in Summers but the truth is that with a little creativity and a few wise decisions, this would never happen.  So here are some tips to help you look modest and stay beautiful this summer:

Choose Light Fabrics in Dark Shades

Many of us choose to go for lighter colored shirts in summers since they make us feel comfortable and there’s a myth that light colors are made for summers while dark colors for winters. But again, the truth is that you can wear any color that looks good on you in any season you want! So instead of focusing on colours, you need to focus on the fabric of the shirts.

For both your shirts and your hijabs, give preference to light fabrics such as chiffon, silk and cotton, but buy them in darker colors. Light colored shirts and hijabs in such fabrics are mostly too revealing so you end up layering them but by choosing dark colours, this won’t be a problem at all. There are plenty of dark colours that look great in summers such as purple, hot pink, green orange and yes, you can even wear black in summers!

But if you’re not too fond of dark colors, there are several other options as well. For instance, you can choose floral prints instead of solid colored outfits as printed ones tend to be less revealing.

Avoid Skin Fit Clothing

Skinny jeans, bodycons and other skintight clothes are definitely overrated. An oversized shirt, when dressed the right way can look equally appealing with the benefit of actually letting you enjoy the weather.

The recent modest fashion revolutions have allowed us access to many beautiful but modest outfits that are all about comfort. This is especially important in summers because you want flowy and breathable outfits that give you room to relax. So go ahead and wear your favorite tunics, palazzos and maxi dresses, before the season ends.

Keep it Simple

Modesty is pretty much a synonym of simplicity since it’s based on the concept that you do not need to cross limits in order to look and feel good. So keep things simple – wear your favorite jeans with a nice funky tee and be confident about your decision. You can also opt for solid colored hijabs and maxi skirts since these can be easily used to create a new outfit combination everyday.


Wearing simple and modest outfits doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up. This is what accessories are made for, you can easily dress up or dress down your modest outfits with the use of accessories, depending on the occasion of course. You could wear hats, carry tote bags, wear beautiful strappy heels or add statement jewellery to express your true style.

If you still have some Summer shopping to do then remember that the best tip is to buy outfits that are already the right fabric, the right colour, the right size and the right length at all places so you don’t have to layer them. Modest fashion is all about being sophisticated and tasteful; remember that and you’ll definitely feel and look beautiful this summer!

About the author:

Sarah is a fashion stylist and consultant who love to explore new ideas for modern Islamic wear for women. She happily shares her passion at Modanisa.