New hijab outfits for Miss hijabi

Khotwa store always provides everything new in the fashion world of the veiled women and as well the un-veiled woman too. Khotwa store offers us a new collection from different models and designs, which give some variety touches and diversity with harmony in color tones.

We can find a mixture and harmony of colors degrees and geometric lines in many designs and styles that varied between maroon, Blue and White.

Also we find the different uses of fabrics like cotton, chiffon and jersey. In general this collection is very simple, practical and comfort. The maxi dresses are wide and streamlined that also offer Planned resemble paintings to suit the different tastes. The blouses are from jersey and cotton fabric, and can be worn with simple light Cardigan for a comfortable winter look.

Just a simple tone about Khotwa store ; Khotwa store Egypt is a clothing factory, they sell their products wholesale mainly, but they have recently started selling retails through their FaceBook page by selling online to every where in Egypt and other countries.  Khotwa store Egypt distributes to shops in Cairo mainly, but they do have outlets in other governorates.

Enjoy the hijab casual wear collection.