New phone cases to accessorize your mobile

How great life would be if it’s all glittery and pinkish. And when it comes to covering all your stuff with bling and painting your life with cute girly colors you’re in for a lot of fun time.

Your cell phone is that thing that’s closest to you which needs adequate protection and above all it has to be pretty, trendy and functional. There’re literally thousands of subtle designs out of which to pick that sturdy, secure and stylish case that’s the best investment to deliberately consider. Consider how cool it would be to match a metallic belt bag with a metallic silver cat phone case especially if it’s of a durable silicone material.

To get the shiny themes, one cannot get enough of cases featuring shimmery cartoon characters, bling, crushed crystal, or sequins. Faux-fur themes are not just dominant in clothing items but you can also get it in a cute pink faux-fur phone case.

 Matching a jewelry watch set in rose gold is a really elegant and classy touch to add to an outfit. You can complement such a set with a fun element of a rose gold marble phone case. Also for this intriguing pattern try a holographic cracked marble case in white, black or pastel marble swirl.

 Go beyond mere bright colors, have that unique case that fits your style and personalize your phone case with a favorite motto, initials, logo, designer or even favorite sports team. Some cases are just more than a cute looking case but are more like a phone wallet to keep your ID, credit cards and more in one convenient place.

 Such phone wallets are available in a variety of colors and patterns. And while you’re at it, going through all the trendiest cell phone accessories, there’re other accessories to consider adding to your shopping list.

Pop sockets are amongst the must-have accessories that are available in many fun designs enhancing the grip and capabilities of your phone. Or go for a case with a ring holder to have both features in one item. It won’t do slathering a sanitizer jell over your hands and not clean your cell phone properly.

Invest in a microfiber, antimicrobial cleaning cloth that is fabulous for cleaning laptops, tablets and phones. Have a pack of these cloths featuring your favorite cartoon character or emoji that would come in handy and cute as well. Scroll down for more cute and stylish phone cases.

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This article was written by guest author Reham selim