Open abaya hijab style


Flowy open abaya is the key of the elegant woman in Ramadan! Muslim women care about their beauty and their elegance in the holy month of Ramadan. They love to appear in-style and to feel comfy at the same time while visiting families and friends in Ramadan nights.

The open abaya is the latest fashion trend, and fashion designers are creating beautiful catchy styles that could grab all kind of tastes. Each woman will find what suits her, with lots of different styles and fabrics.

Open abaya came in feminine colors such as blush pink, beige, white, brown, mint, and of course black this is the basic color in abaya at all times. We can see that fashion designers love to add the lace details at the end of the sleeves of the abaya, and we can see many styling ideas that every abaya is different from the other one.

The Arabian elegant woman could add her accessories to complete her style with the abaya, like holding a chic small handbag, or a small clutch bag. Wear high heel sandals or you could wear a flat sporty sneakers that will be fine with the teen girls.

Here in this collection we can see lots of comfy elegant abayas for women who love fashion and style. Enjoy the looks and pick some ideas.