Our Best Beauty Tips for the Gym


Staying beautiful while working out at the gym can seem challenging, especially if you engage in intensive workouts with a lot of sweating. It is not impossible though. By making sure you look great when you go to the gym, you will find yourself feeling more confident and sexier than ever.


Here are some excellent tips for staying beautiful when you go training:

  • Tie your hair in a high pony tail, braid the hair and twist it into a cute bun. After the workout, let your hair down, dry it, use some dry shampoo to refresh it and you will end up with wavy sexy curls suitable for any occasion.

  • If you wear bangs, make sure that you wear a sweatband or pin them up when exercising. This will help prevent those horrible breakouts which can occur when sweat gets trapped on your forehead by your hair. Thankfully, there are some very stylish headbands you can wear while you are working out. Not only will it help you stay dry and your skin clean, but you will look amazing wearing it too.



  • Do not wear makeup at the gym. However tempting it is to wear makeup while exercising, you should know that most types of makeup products can cause pore clogging which hinders the natural breathing of the skin while you are exercising. If you absolutely can’t do without wearing foundation, try using one which is mineral based. If you want to wear foundation which will last through a long sweaty workout, try using a silicone based one. If your foundation includes ingredients which end in “cone”, it is very likely that your foundation will stay on your face, as the sweat will trickle down on top of it put leave it intact. But really, it is best for your skin if you stay clear from makeup in the gym!



  • Bring a towel for your face. Do not use the same towel to dry your face as the one which you us for wiping fitness equipment. Using the same time can cause the transfer of bacteria from other people’s sweat on your face, which is not only disgusting but can bring along various skin issues. To make sure you don’t rub off and smudge your foundation (of you happen to be wearing some) just dab the sweat of your face instead of rubbing it intensively with the towel during your workout.



  • Wear bright colored shoes or clothes. Choose an accent in your attire. I’m in love with the bright colored sneakers that I wear for my Zumba workouts – visit Fitaholic Gear for my favorite fun colored picks.



  • To prevent your hair from becoming all frizzy during and after a workout, you should make sure you use a good quality humidity blocker before the workout.



  • Wear looser clothes: Although spandex workout attire is sexy and attractive, experts recommend that you wear looser clothes when you go to the gym. This will prevent the sweat from sticking to the skin and can lead to fungal and bacterial skin infections. Needless to say, you should wash your gym clothes and towels after each workout. Also, don’t forget to wash your gym bag on a regular basis as well, to stay safe from skin problems and infections and to always look and feel fresh at the gym.



About the Guest writer

This article was written by fashion blogger  Cara Hale.