Oversized sweatshirts hijabi styling ideas

Chunky sweaters, oversized sweatshirts, and large size jackets are just rocking this season! They are the most popular fashion trend that considered by the hijabi fashion bloggers and the street style icons. The best thing about this trend is combining modesty, coziness with style at the same time.

The hijabi veiled woman could wear this trend and looking modest and comfy all together. The oversized jean jackets are controlling the street fashion; they came in many styles and designs.

Fashion designers create many fashionable ideas to add a touch of sophistication on the oversized jacket, such as the back embroideries like floral details, or by adding some colorful badges or patches.  They all are working so well and the girls love those creative ideas.

If you are wondering about how to wear the oversized sweaters with your hijab, so let’s see in our article some styling ideas by the hijabi fashion bloggers.

 The oversized knit sweater could be wearing with white chemise underneath, slim denim jeans, and ankle booties. Or you could wear it with boyfriend jeans with comfy stylish sneakers.

Hijabi fashion bloggers love to add as well knitted long scarves on their sweaters to feel the cozy mood of the chilly winter days.

They just put their head scarf under their sweaters and they could rock a chunky long knitted scarf around their neck. Take some styling ideas from this collection and have a stylish comfy winter season.