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Fashion outlines starts this season with the highlighting of the past down to the hippie, where we can say that this season fashion will match with all tastes because of the new models and the innovations that will satisfy everyone.

Thirties fashion appeared again this season, In fact, Thirties fashion is the most elegant era in fashion world from a long time, but the popular fashion designers focus on the Celebrity and the stars of the thirties, which was characterized by the full of femininity and elegance.

This was appeared in the famous fashion shows by the famous designers through the feminine creative cuts, but with a new vision according to the requirements of the season. And of course with reminiscence touch for the important era in the fashion world.

One of the basic features of the thirties fashion is the high waist skirts or as the fashion designers says the pencil skirts, and it has formally confirmed as a fashion theme this season, after these pencil skirts appeared in the most of the fashion shows, these pencil skirts directed especially to the working practical women.

This would be a great Style to the Ladies with flat belly and tall bodies. As well to those their bodies’ take the shape of the hourglasses. Pencil skirts will be very chic with shirt or blouses on top of it an appropriate blazer.

For the accessories we offer in this collection the thin belt that fits most of the models with earthy tones colors and it will be good if it is not so fussy to fit all the pieces and models. The most appropriate belt colors are black, brown and gold.

Simple necklaces are the most suitable accessories for the pencil skirts wearing them on the top of the blouse; they will look very feminine and chic. Enjoy the pencil skirts collection.

pastel blouse, pastel floral pencil skirt

pastel work wear in pastelcasual chic pencil skirt

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pencil skirts for woman 13 d

pencil skirts for woman 10 a pencil skirts for woman 11 a

pencil skirts for woman 12 s

pencil skirts for woman 1 a classic outfit for woman 2 s classic outfit for woman 3 d pencil skirts for woman 4 s classic casual outfit 5 s classic outfit for woman 6 s pencil skirts for woman 7 s pencil skirts for woman 8 a pencil skirts for woman 9 spolka dots blouse outfitpencil skirt with white blouse,

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