Pre-spring street style looks


People always get confused about what to wear in the time of the year between winter and spring! Sometimes the weather is warm and suddenly it became cold. We all know that in this time of the year there is a cold breath in the air, so we have to keep a jacket with us in any case to put it on our shoulders to prevent this cool wind.

Well so the question is what to wear in this time? There are a lot of nice items that every woman should wear in pre-spring time! Such as blazers; they are very suitable to wear with casual shirts or casual tees, weather striped tees or graphic tees.

Also vests are the most suitable items to keep in our wardrobe during this time; we can wear vests in the warm morning days with simple shirts underneath. What a classy style especially if we chose the vest in neutral tones such as beige, creamy or in tan color.

Scarves are very essentials too; woman can wear her casual sweater and wrap around her neck her favorite plaid or printed scarf. Scarves are a must have items to complete our stylish trendy style.

In Pre-spring time most of us like the idea of wearing bright light colors in calm tones, such as pink, beige and light gray. These colors will brighten up our mood and makes us feeling so cheerful and happy. Enjoy the collection and pick some ideas.


checked shirt with blazer pinky pastel outfit polka dots sweatshirt with jeans striped tee with trench coattan cardigan with blue shirt plaid scarf with coat scarf outfit

sporty casual street stylered plaid shirt stylish look neutral vest casual style leopard coat in pastel tones fur vest casual look beige sweater with denim light gray cardigan with top plaid coat with scarf polka dots tee with blazer