Premoda fall and winter collection

Premoda is a clothing fashion trade name aiming to deal out good fashion superiority to all purchasers around the globe. Their clothing is in affordable costs aiming to women in all categories in every country.

The tenderly shades of Premoda outfits of fall and winter are so trendy and chic that liked by so many people all over the world.

Until now, Premoda nowadays the biggest business brand clothing all over the Middle East. It has also evicted to be the major superstore of high excellence textiles all over the world.

Premoda clothing has positively taken into caring the needs of many ladies every where. What makes it until now more conventional is the reality that people are able to be purchase from many local offices even online stores.

Premoda winter outfits offered chic fashion techniques in original shades and styles. The designs are differing in a lot of looks, like the military style, the working style, the safari style and many more.

The entire collection seems so trendy and cool. Enjoy the collection and pick your beloved style.


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Their addresses

Egypt 1-Abbas el Akad 61 mohyeddin abdulaziz street; Tel: 02 37 484 961

2-    403 Faisal Street. Tel: 02 37 801 678

3-  20 Shoubra Street. Tel: 02 25 761 511

4-  Sednawy StreetTel: 015 36 1665

5-  30 Qais Ibn Saad Street. Tel: 02 23 651 491

6-   123 Misr w Elsodan El Loaloa Building


14 Sezostrees Street. Tel: 03 48 757 34

Enjoy the collection

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For more updates visit our facebook page Just for trendy girls