Prude and style fall hijab collection


Colorful, printed and modest is the main attractive idea about the new fall and Eid collection by Prude store. The maxi dresses are amazing; they came in bright colorful styles in floral prints, the prints came in small and big sizes, just to satisfy all tastes.

As well the scarves wrapped in a cute simple way; this style of wrapping is very chic and easy, every veiled woman can do it easily.

Fall is around the corner and our lovely Eid too, so this lovely collection presents the warm fall colors with its earthy tones and with its lovely prints.

Prude and style girls store always amaze the veiled woman with new designs and bright colors, because the veiled woman has the right to wear something chic and style and as well colorful.

Modesty is very important for every veiled woman; it’s not that hard, every woman can wear whatever she want but she should take care of what suits her religion and her country.

Prude and style girls store also offering elegant and chic handbags just to go well with the maxi dress, so every woman now can complete her look from one store; the dress, the cardigan and the other accessory all are in one place, so enjoy shopping from Prude and style girl and pick lovely colorful dresses for the Happy Eid.

Address in Cairo Egypt in building 4B, el shark lel-taameen building in front of the international garden gate.

The online shop & open day in nasr city & 6 of october city
for more info call yasmin on: 01146099010

hijab maxi dress 10 hijab maxi dress 13 hijab maxi dress 19 hijab maxi dress 4 hijab maxi dress 5 hijab maxi dress 14 hijab maxi dress 11

hijab maxi dress 3 hijab maxi dress 6 hijab maxi dress 17 hijab maxi dress 7 hijab maxi dress 12hijab maxi dress 15 hijab maxi dress 16 hijab maxi dress 9 hijab maxi dress 2 hijab maxi dress 8


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