Ruffle blouses with hijab


Fresh and chic spring items are controlling the street style! The ruffle trend is rocking this season and a lot of fashion bloggers are styling it in many ways. Ruffle blouses, ruffle dresses, and ruffle pants; are all on trend this season for spring and summer 2017.

The best thing about the ruffle blouses that they can hide your unwanted body parts and can create a feminine look that you are wishing for. If you are a plus-size hijabi woman you could wear an over-sized blouse with some cute ruffle at the edge of it with a stylish boyfriend jeans, a slip on shoes, a cross- body bag, and you are ready to go.

The bell sleeve blouse came back again this season with many ruffling layers which consider being one of the most popular items for this spring. The bell sleeves have many different cuts such as half or three fourth or dramatic shape starting from above the elbow or a subtle touch starting dorm the wrist down, so pick any of these cuts that suits u.

Some women love wearing their entire outfit in ruffles which means a ruffle blouse matched with ruffle pants, and why not? It’s the ruffle trend and you could style it as you wish and how to want to look in it.  Enjoy the ruffle hijabi outfits.