Saudi Abaya fashion

The Eastern woman is always distinguishing with her elegant style and with her high sense of fashion. The Saudi woman love wearing Abayas that’s why the most popular fashion designers create new stylish designs to satisfy all women’s tastes.

The newest design about Abaya fashion is the open Abaya cardigan; which it looks like an open dress or an over-sized cardigan. Young girls love to wear this design with jeans or pants and long tunic, or with a maxi dress, it suit both those looks.

The most popular colors for the Saudi Abaya for this season are; blush pink, beige, grey, white creamy, and mocha. The Saudi woman love to look elegant and chic, so she loves to wear a branded handbag and a high heels shoe to complete her classy look.

As well the young girls love to wear slip on shoes or flat ones with their open Abaya cardigan to give them a practical girly look.

Most fashion designers add some special details to their Abayas such as lace, chiffon, crochet just to give the Abaya a feminine look.  Enjoy the Abaya collection and pick your favorite one.


abaya style

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