Sea shells summer jewelries

This spring/summer season brings with it an influx of all sorts of seashells, starfish, and sea life themes in all forms of necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings; starting the new decade on an elegant high note.
Shells made a wowing entrance for some several seasons by now and they’re still going on strong with added takes on proportions and extra-large features. Still, you can shine all spring-long rocking mini shell anklets, trophy beach necklaces that add a delicate air to your neck and whole look. Grab yourself dainty shells or surfer-like pendants flaunting them as your statement pieces fit for all occasions.

Chains are making an outstanding presence in this year’s jewelry trends. Chain chokers do not only complement your outfit but also accentuates your neck making it a win-win piece of accessory. Link collars made an outstanding presence in prominent designers’ runways.

They were featured as worn close to the neck and on their own as chain chokers of versatile thickness. You can go for a fashion forward look staking a silver and gold link chain with delicate necklaces with starfish and seashells pendants of different lengths.
It takes finesse and artistry to pick the right stackable necklaces or bracelets. Build your own delicate looking necklaces with charms and chains of different lengths that would flatter you most.

 Assemble multi-chain charm bracelets following this sea life theme and versify your color picks for an eye-catching look. Copy one of the largest earrings trends this spring opting for the single earring look making sure to fish for the right piece that would stand on its own.
As spring 2020 trendy pieces are starting to show up in stores and online retailers, it’s high time to get your jewelry and accessories shopping list in order.

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