Simplicity handmade accessories


Simplicity gallery is a unique store in Maadi-Egypt that sells handmade bags in bright printed colors and in stylish attractive designs. They present inspirational themes, in well-priced and a good quality collection of the latest fashion accessories.

They Present a unique and joyful colorful designs, they constantly changing range includes every kind of accessory imaginable; bags, purses, jewelry, belts, hats, scarves, bottle holders and hair accessories.

Fashion accessories for teens are extremely important to complete their look, and it’s very important to be different. Many girls couldn’t live without their favorite fabric bags, while nostalgic in design; these handbags are made for teen girls, giving space for cell phones, wallets and other accessories. Wear a cool pair of comfy beach sandals matching it with your straw beach bag; you can also match with swimwear accessories.

Straw beach bags are both classy & trendy and are highly appreciated for intricate embroidery and sequin work. Straw bags add to woman’s style and compliment a woman’s attire. Check out this collection maybe you find your favorite bag in them.

Enjoy the collection and here is their facebook page.

Simpilcity accessories