Skin care as a proper lifestyle


Growing up, many of us are made aware of the importance of hygiene, and how it helps us face the day. The same principle is also applied to skin care routine which isn’t a new concept for many of us. However, since the emergence of modern innovations where our lives seemingly move faster than ever before, some of us may neglect our health and appearance which can bring devastating results. While using Shu Uemura and other beauty products are helpful in hiding blemishes, nothing can compare to having beautiful skin.

Thankfully, the skin care movement has found its way to be included in our everyday lives. In certain cultures, skin care has become both a movement and a way to relax and enjoy oneself. While there are various myths and beliefs regarding skin care that turn out to be false, here are some principles where many people are right about:

 Skin care is an investment

As we grow older, our bodies experience some changes that are brought about by aging. In the case of our skin, the production of collagen becomes limited which is compound responsible for keeping our skin elastic and firm. Once this happens, our skin becomes prone to various ageing factors like fine lines and wrinkles.

For people who wish to age gracefully, a personalized skin care routine can do wonders for the face. Instead of allowing premature aging to happen, modern innovations have provided us with opportunities to slow down the aging process, allowing us to enjoy our youthful appearances longer.

  1. Skin care is a commitment

Taking care of the skin should be an everyday habit and commitment — and not just because we “feel like it”. People who are not committed to taking care of their skin may find themselves susceptible to various factors that lead to skin damage. When this happens, it can be harder for us to find proper treatment because we are used to neglecting our skin care regimen for too long.

  1. Skin care promotes self-love

Many people believe that taking care of the skin (particularly around the face) is a sign of vanity. This is simply not true as it involves taking care of oneself and allowing oneself to look good. When we look good, we also feel good which results in self-confidence and learning how to love oneself. Skin care promotes self-love because you are taking time to examine some flaws and fixing them on your own accord without relying on anyone to boost your self-esteem. This helps you find your own sense of beauty and can even make you appreciate your appearance.

  1. Skin care can be relaxing


While it can take some time getting used to performing 5 steps (more or less), it can actually be a great opportunity to unwind after a hard day’s work. Just remember to take things slow and allow your skin and mind to breathe.

  1. Skin care should be combined with a proper lifestyle


An intensive skin care regimen can only do so much since it is only limited to our external appearance. Most experts believe that combining a skin care routine with proper diet and exercise ensures we get the maximum number of benefits that each factor can bring. Proper diet and exercise also helps prevent a myriad of diseases that can cause us to age rapidly.


In short, while moisturizing helps, it’s always an added bonus to eat fruits rich in antioxidants while also sweating out any toxins in our bodies.

  1. Skin care benefits everyone


Another mistake that many of us have when it comes to perceiving skin care is that most of us believe this only applies to women. This couldn’t be more false as skin care can benefit everyone involved. While it is true that most skin care products are marketing towards women, there is no doubt that men can benefit from cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying SPF to their own skin. There is no shame in taking care of oneself since men are also exposed to the same harmful toxins as women.

While the concept of skin care isn’t entirely a new concept, modern living has provided us the opportunity to look into this lifestyle now more than ever. With a rapid population growth as well as a busier lifestyle, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to “slow things” down so they can enjoy their appearance right at this moment. While there are still various myths out there about skin care, it helps to do adequate research to prevent any spread of misinformation. For a more in-depth explanation, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find out which skin care routine best suits you.


About the guest writer

This article was written by Cindy, she is a ghostwriter and researcher since 2014, but she is currently worked as a community manager for two brands.