Smoky eye makeup

Most of the Arab women preferred the smoky eye makeup, this kind of makeup is on fashion trend this season, and it suited the professional women who know how to draw their eyes with black eye liner, by blending varying degrees of dark colors interlacing with each eye to give the appearance of a deep and wonderful eye.

You can mix between gray and brownish colors degrees when drawing the smoky eyes, these degrees are suitable for women with dark skin tone, which distinguish the Arab women in particular.

Drawing the smoky eye is so much suitable for evenings and special events, and it is different from the daytime makeup which is characterized by practical time that does not need too much makeup. You just need simple makeup touches for a morning appearance.

Drawing your eye in smoky style is more suitable for big eyes more than the small eyes. But makeup professionals can succeed in drawing the small eye too. But after all, the smoky eye is more suitable for the big eyes.

The steps of drawing the smoky eyes relay on the concealer, to unite the eye color degrees, following by using the black eyeliner to outline the eye from up and down then using dark eye shadows depending on the colors of your clothing.

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