Sohamt hijab fashion designs

Soha Mohamed Taha, better known as Soha MT, she is Egyptian fashion blogger and fashion designer living in Al Ain-united Arab of Emirates. Soha MT is part of the fashion movement, joining in three years ago through her blogging then she creates her own fashion line. Soha MT stands as a symbol of this growing fashion trend and is part of the growing modest fashion clothing for the velied women.

Soha MT inspiring her followers daily with her simple and elegant designs, she creates very chic Abayas, open cardigans, scarves, and more.

The global trend nowadays is oversized anything and everything, and that’s like an additional benefit for the veiled woman. In addition, either trend you would like to track, you can always cover up where needed.

The growing of the social media mainstream gives Soha MT a great opportunity to promote her designs and to be noticed among the large number of the hijabi fashion designers in the whole world.

Soha MT designs have travelled across the GCC, Africa, and have also reached as far as the UK, Switzerland, and Iceland.

Followed by more than 200,000 followers on Instagram in the past year, she stands as an icon of the rise of the hijabi fashion trend. Enjoy some of her beautiful designs.