Spring and summer vibrant and alive hair color trends

Spring/summer season is so vibrant and alive of colors making it more tempting to try your hands at one of the most popular hair color trends. In order to come across that stand out hair color that’ll make you a major trendsetter, you have to do a little research before hand and narrow down your list of favorites.

The latest hair dye trends of 2020 follow the-bolder-the-better slogan. So dyes like metallic peach featuring highlights woven between bright locks, fire-truck red, Hi-vis red, blue and twists on silver are only a few of the most daring hues.

Though red is the popular dye with its rich shades, it might seem intimidating how or where to start. Sporting orchard red containing copper and auburn tones is the right shade to enrich your summer hair look.

And if you’re not into making such a big leap, take safe baby steps. Natural looking hair hues are far from mundane. Give your hair subtle highlights to nail the trending tweed-finish hair look that features clear contrast without much prominence.

Brunettes have numerous options for making subtle color changes that would amp up life into such a rich hair color. Brown ale with its deep mahogany base and streaks of amber highlights is a sensational variation on traditional brunettes. For a sensational curly crowning glory, sport rusty copper featuring a warm brunette base to give dimension to your curly tresses.

If you’re into more lightness without much fuss mid-tone sand storm will shed brightness onto your face. More natural low effort shades are predicted to grow more popular. This way it’ll be easier to experiment with at-home hues – for the current public health safety reasons.
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