Spring maxi dresses by Maleeka


Maxi dress is a floor length style; a lot of women loved it so much, maxi dresses are exceedingly in style this year .Long cardigans are perfect selection for coating your maxi outfit. You can choose a long cardigan that is comfy and from soft materials like cotton or jersey.

The best thing about Maleeka maxi dresses are the flooding style that’s so perfect to go with any footwear style weather it is wedge sandals or high heels. Every woman adores the fashion of the Maleeka maxi dresses because they are very versatile and suits most of the body types. In this collection I tried to show the beautiful bright colors of the spring season matching them with nice cardigan that will complete the look.

In spring we all need a fine cardigan or cute blazer to feel warm in the changing weather, so as we can see many ideas in this collection to choose what we preferred. This spring, look you’re finest and feel gorgeous with the  most up-to-dated  Maleeka comfy dresses.

Fashion trends this year are particularly simple to follow. Woman has to put in consideration when buying a piece of clothing; the figure of her body. Every purchaser should be aware to the mainly superb advantages concerns that related to the occasion for such attire is being managed. Simultaneously as when women go for buying new clothing and uniting into the varying society, she has to go for the beneficial world necessary technique when she found a selection of categories of trendy dresses and trendy outfits growth in the society. Enjoy the Maleeka maxi dresses collection.

If you wanted to buy any event dresses from Maleeka their address is 19 Abd El Wahab El Kaday Street, Cairo, Egypt  phone  01144443683

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