Straw wedge sandals with matched bags

Styles and comfort should meet for all tastes, bright colors, most of the styles are light weight easy to wear on and wear off; wedge sandals came with high heel, medium heel and low heel. The wedge straw sandals are so much appreciated especially by those of you who like neutral colors and ethnic-inspired shoes with original details.

The trendy woman can wear these comfortable and fun sandals with her favorite jeans or shorts when she are out shopping or running other errands or sitting by the beach.

Bamboo clutch bags are on trend this season. They are in a wide range of styles and can be clutched in the hand or hanged around the shoulder with chains or straps. With matched wedge straw sandals the combo will be great. Clutch bags are entirely utility oriented and are widely used by women.

The Platform sandals have proved their great performance in both versatility and practicality. The materials used for wedge sandals vary from wood, cork, and leather. Canvas or rope wraps are also used to cover the heels for some casual styles.

Pick up your best fit sunglasses, your sliders, your straw bags, hats and jewelry. As well do not forget your Sunscreen, they are all some of the essentials for beach trip, enjoy your summer time and have fun.