Stripes and embroidery outfit ideas

“Fashion is always a cycle! When a new trend becomes old, another old fashion will become the new rage… & it will cycle on like that” said by bala subramanian.

Yes ladies it is back again the 70’s bell sleeve top into spring/summer 2017. If u wants to have a trendy look this spring/summer then u should have the bell sleeves tops or dresses.

The bell sleeves have many different cuts such as half or three fourth or dramatic shape starting from above the elbow or a subtle touch starting dorm the wrist down, so pick any of these cuts that suits u. You can wear a bell sleeve top with a skinny pants & high heels for a formal look or with a pencil skirt for a classy look or with a denim pants or shorts for a casual look or u can simply wear a bell sleeve dress for a summery look. Take care! If u r wearing black and white you can go larger with the sleeves, but if it is a bright color piece then style your look with less flare and volume.

If you are a big fan of embroidery then that is your year for having an embroidered jean, again it is a 70’s style that comeback in spring/summer 2017. It will be your traditional vintage piece in your closet this year. The embroidery this year is mainly on denim pants whatever it is skinny, boyfriend or mom pants but also it can be on denim jackets or denim shorts or denim overalls.

Embroidery could breathe new life into a tired pair of jeans, conceal the odd hole and bring fun and interest to your outfit. If you can’t afford new embroidered jeans then why not you create your own?? U can add fun to your old jeans with some floral designs or any other designs that suits your personal style and needlecraft them or simply use patches which are easy and sew them on your jeans. This will be an inexpensive way to have trendy embroidered jeans.

We can describe it by saying “it goes with everything” sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most effective; it brings the vacation flavor to your look.

Edgy and classy in spring/summer 2017! We are talking here about the blue & white striped shirt. The blue & white striped shirt comes in different cuts as cropped, long sleeved, short sleeved, thick stripes, thin stripes, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes. You can wear it with white pants to have a classy fresh look or with a denim pants or shorts to have a casual look or u can teamed it with leather or wear it under an overall to have edgy look & to have a girly look you can wear it with a power clash skirt. We can say about the blue & white striped shirt is like a neutral shirt because all the color can fit with it.