Summer casual wear by Clue store


Many ladies like purchasing cotton comfortable clothing in summer because of the impact of the soft and comfortable feeling on our bodies; and from this regard; Clue store offering us a variety of comfortable casual wear from soft fabrics for the hot summer season.

The T-shirts and the blouses in pastel colors in printed floral styles are the basic items for the summer season; woman you can wear them with jeans or with her favorite skirts. As well maxi dresses are the basic items for summer too, woman can wear them with cardigan; it is the perfect piece to appear very fashionable.

Clue store as well provides us the elegant jumpsuit in floral prints, and you can wear it with a simple Cardigan in neutral colors. In summer, try to choose the appropriate models for your body shape, you can match a Scarf in simple neutral colors to appear simple and chic.

Sporty shoes, high-heeled pumps and wooden sandal are the best for summer outing, you can also wear a small clutch bags or big wide bag to carry all your stuff that you need in your outing.

The Fashionable store Clue encourages you to wear simple accessories with your outfits; especially the colored bracelets that gives you elegance and chicness to look soft and stylish.

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pastel clue casual clue ponch clue blouse clue dress clue

blouse with studs 10 beltet cardigan 8

poncho in stripes 4 capicho jacket 6 color block blouse 11 jumpsuit for woman 3 sports wear for woman 7 casual summer wear 1 maxi dress 9 long chiffon vestwide dress 7 striped blouse 14 striped top with cardigan 5 t-shirt in pink 12

jumpsuit for woman 16 t-shirt in pink 15


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