Summer casual wear for women


There is something lighthearted, something straightforward about this summer’s attitude to dressing. Stuffy distinctions between day and evening, colors and designs are blown away, leaving a clear view of simple clothes constructed for movement and pleasure.

Young, unpretentious evening clothes borrow shapes from every day wear to evening elegant wear. The dresses are light as a silk, the T-shirt luxurious. The effect is fresh, subtly sexy.

Evening clothing inhabits a twilight zone where silky skirts, elegant high heels and beaded clutches, suggesting multiple uses, and a flexible wardrobe.

Fabric plays a provocative part in summer’s game of concealment and revelation- rarely has a season had so many uses for chiffon, for day, night, bedroom or even beach. Handle it as barely as you dare.

OK, so we can’t guarantee the sun, sea and sand bit, but you can put your money on sex appeal of next season’s key fashion looks.

Make up should be bold and sexy but not scary lots of shine and color will keep it pretty and feminine. Enjoy the summer casual wear collection collection.