Super cute styling ideas for short hair

The charm of sporting the various lengths of short haircuts lies in the feeling of ease and carefree that comes with it. Ranging from edgy cropped cuts, cool pixies, choppy layers, wedge cuts, modern lobs, to top gorgeous bobs you’re definitely never out of options.

Whether your hair is thick, fine, curly, wavy, or straight these amazing haircuts will go perfectly with each hair type in a most complimentary way.
Choosing the right length takes a lot of time to finally reach the perfect look that goes well with your face shape, hair type and personality. 2020 trendy short haircuts offered various updated looks on popular classic ones.

Asymmetrical lobs are amongst those bobs that look good on a wide variety of hair types, textures as well as face shapes flaring a cool vibe. With lots of styling options, an asymmetrical lob can be cut shorter in length in the back and longer on the front or longer on one side than the other.

For an edgy take on this celebrity-inspired look, consider soft structured waves.
Chin-length bobs are coming back hard this year with curled ends flipped up or flipped in. It can be styled straight, structured and featuring sharp line, tousled, textured and care-free. Also, accessorizing won’t be a problem sporting a head band, cool hair pins, barrettes, or simply scrunchies for effortless mornings.

Pixies never seem to amaze us as The-fabulous ultra-popular cut for a literally killer look. A pixie with nape undercut goes perfectly with fine hair and for an extra boosting element throws in some blonde highlights if you have dark hair. Effortless tomboy hairstyles have a mesmerizing appeal featuring both cool tomboy zing and feminine air. Long pixie cut with tousled curls is another soft and feminine take on the usual short pixies.

Sporting a layered bob adds volume to fine hair as well as a sharp and modern overall look. Short bobs are not all about sharp ends and hard lines. For an edgy variation on short bobs opt for disheveled feathered pixie bob.
Be it above the ears, close cropped, above the shoulder bobs, there are a humungous number of options for this flirty upbeat length that’ll make life a lot easier.

If your heart is set on one of the latest and hottest short hairstyles trends that would put you on the forefront of fashion, we couldn’t encourage you more. Keep on scrolling for more inspiration and be ready to have fun with it, because sometimes all it takes is just a cool haircut

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