The difference between capes, ponchos, and shawls


Fashion designers impress us with their creative designs; every new season there are some new items inter our wardrobes. Some of us didn’t really know all their meanings or how to wear them; for that reasons this post is to inform a lot of us about some of the most popular winter outwears. So let’s start with the smartest and cozy item!

The blanket poncho; which is something like a shawl or a blouse that you can wear it from your neck and it has no sleeves to put your hand through them. Some of them with fringe, and they came in many prints such the tartan print.


tan-poncho-outfit bohemian-fringe-poncho burberry-blanket-poncho light-grey-poncho-outfit red-poncho-casual-outfit blanket-poncho-in-neutral creamy-white-knit-cape


The cardigan; which is something like a light jacket in knit fabric, women wear it above a shirt or blouse. Sometimes they are tall above the knees and sometimes they are short. They have no zip at all, but we can see some of them with buttons, or without any thing. The new invention from these cardigans called the waterfall cardigan, and they have some ruffles in their designs.


tan-cardigan-with-leopard-scarf beige-knit-cape-cardigan beige-cape-outfit


The kimono; their design looks like the T letter and it has wide sleeves, and wide neck line. We see it in many lengths from tall, medium, and short.


kimono-cardigan-outfit floral-kimono-outfit


The shawl; it’s something like a scarf, they came in knit, or wool fabric and women could wrap them around their shoulders in an elegant way.


chic-work-style-shawl-outfit tartan-shawl-outfit striped-blanket-poncho


The capes; something like a cloak or a cover, I found them so near from the ponchos. They came in many fabrics and women wear them when the weather is so cold.


grey-cape-with-denim-flannel knit-beige-cape-outfit red-knit-cape-outfit