The latest fashion accessories and how to match them with your outfit

Though confidence is the best accessory that a girl can wear! But, accessories are like the finishing touch to bring out your outfit and pull it all together, nicely in a manner in which it expresses your rich taste in fashion. As every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway, every girl needs to make sure that they own each of these below-listed accessories o flaunt their great style.

  1. Metallic Watch – Gone are the days when girls like to flaunt their colorful set of bangles along with their attire. Now, they just like to keep their style statement – to the point and quite simple (making it a significant one). So, be it with any kind of fashionable attire, a girl can easily pair up a metallic watch which will last for a lifetime. Something like this accessory makes a great birthday or Rakhi gifts and won’t go out of fashion, ever.
  2. Ear Studs – Looking for a minimalistic everyday accessory? Then pair of ear studs is something that will help you stay true to your style. Be it with some patterned or floral design top or dress, a simple ear stud gives an edgy look and notches up your everyday look by a few more ounces.
  3. Hat – Now, a hat as an essential accessory is not just required when we girls feel like hitting the beach. But also, when you feel like adding a bit of coolness to your regular style statement. Preferably a black hat, as it will be versatile enough to match precisely with any colour of your attire. So, the next time when you girls are out of any new hairstyle, try letting your hair loose and experiment it with a hat.
  4. Contemporary Bracelet – Stacking a few “not-so-jazzy” bracelets sounds like a cool way to show off the many facets of your style. Mix two to three different kinds of metallic, beaded or any other kind of bracelet to create a personal look. You can also try experimenting with bracelets of a different color, like mixing golden ones with silvering ones and seeing how things turn up.
  5. Aviators – With or even without the sun being out there, every girl needs to put on a pair of cool aviators to extend her chill vibes. Aviators are a staple item that every girl needs while posing for her Instagram or even to protect her eyes. But, one needs to choose the right aviators matching her face cut, and she is ready to conquer the world.
  6. Waist Belts – Quite underrated, but this accessory is something that every girl must have in her wardrobe. From cinching your waist to accentuating all the right curves, the waist belt cannot just be paired with trousers, pants and jeans. But also with easy-flowy summer or winter dresses.
  7. Scarf – “Money can’t buy elegance.” But you can surely buy a scarf. It’s more or less like the same thing! And this is the reason it makes into this list of “must-have accessories”. Style up your wardrobe by experimenting with colorful, printed or striped scarves not only during winter dressing but also while hitting your workplace in style.

So, these were top 7 must-have accessories for every girl to express by the way you dress and the way to live. Dress outrageously to flaunt over personal style. Be Fashionable! Be You!

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Samon Rathi.