The latest hair colors for 2020

If you’re settled on a complete change-up for your 2020 hair look opting for a flattering cut and a complementing color, you’re in for an amazing and fun time. Considering that this year’s biggest hair color trends are so versatile and rich of options for natural shades right to jaw-dropping hues.

With Balyage, freehand highlights, and pastel shades receding, chunky highlights, all-over color, vivid hues are stealing the limelight. Whichever color trend you would follow all hair experts agree on one thing which is to keep a healthy color look. Shiny, rich, luxurious and well-taken-care-of hair is all the trend and priority.

For a subtle hair color change sporting muted shades of browns, blacks, red and blondes -with focus on shine and gloss- is one of the biggest hair color trends of the year.

Sporting pretty solids is smoother than opting for more elaborate and high maintenance multicolored looks. One the other extreme end of this trend is the playful chunky highlights trend with lots of layering and all-around big curly hair.

Sporting deep chocolate, high maintenance pale or silver blonde, or whichever other shade in between, keep it well-conditioned, with gloss treatments and a weekly mask for a shiny hair.

If in doubt as to what hair color trend to opt for the answer is to go big and bold and not shy away from invigorating a pop of color. Amp up your looks with stand-out shades which comes with the price of always up-keeping it sharp.
Shimmer twilight, and chunkier highlights are all the rave of 2020 rather than those of previously dominating trends such as Balyage and heavily blended hair colors.

Silver blond, caramel highlights, fade-to-blond, shadow roots, dark chocolate brown, lilac hair, dip dye ends, rich red and terracotta are only a few of the limitless options offered for each and every personality to try out this year.
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This article was written by guest author Reham selim.