The most popular fall outfits to copy now


Our favorite season is here! We all agree on loving fall and every little detail about it from colors, decorations, falling leaves and fall clothes as well! There are some keys to keep on trend this fall and here we will be talking about them and all your looks will be trendy and instagram worthy. Oversized everything; like oversized denim jackets that are perfect with plaid shirts, crop tops, and even with short dresses.

Denim jacket changes the whole look. Oversized sweaters, those cozy and comfy pieces we reach for when we are in hurry and for school and college, you can wear them any time and you will always look perfect. You can style them with skinny jeans, leggings or hosiery and over the knee boots. You have a variety of options that go with every situation.

Puffy jackets: Remember them? They made a huge come back this fall and to be honest they are so cool. They make a perfect match when wearing them with plaid shirts and high waist pants.

Velvet: Velvet pieces are chic in any way and every way. Velvet bags are so trendy right now and so many brands released velvet bags in their fall collections because of how chic they are and they turn every outfit to a whole new classy level and velvet shoes as well! We won’t forget about velvet dresses which you can style them with oversized denim jackets or leather jackets also.

Plaid shirts: You can mix and match with plaid shirt. Wear them with oversized denim for a cozy and comfy outfit, wear them underneath oversized sweaters, or wear t-shirt underneath your plaid shirt like slogan t-shirts which are so trendy right now.

Sneakers: Even if it is not fall, sneakers are essential in your wardrobe! They are versatile and many brands have released their own collection of sneakers. Also a lot of the famous outfits of celebrities that girls try to copy include a pair of sneakers. You will wear them a lot, trust me! At the end, keep things simple, and go for the trend that suits you. This is the most important key to be trendy in every season.


About the guest writer;

This article was written by fashion blogger Shrouk Mouhammad